Desperate but not yet old enough for kindergarten, I longed for playmates my age. Sure, there was my baby brother, and my older sister when she wasn't at school, but otherwise, I was lonely. Lilla & Pessa, my two imaginary friends, came to the rescue. One night at dinner, while Wendy regaled my parents with stories of "real" kids in "real" school, I spoke up:
 "Lilla died today.
 I had everyone's attention. Now what?
 "But she comed alive again."
In 2019, out of nowhere, I faced a scary medical diagnosis. While art was something that I had always played with, now art was my therapy, pushing away anxiety and creating something good from the bad.  In 2020, just before covid19 hit, I signed up for a surface pattern design course and began creating surface pattern designs. In a very real sense, my fertile imagination rescued me and 
I "comed alive again."
Lilla & Pessa reflects my imaginative, playful, and naïf approach to art. It's whimsical and light, fresh and fun. Sassy and quirky.  I visualize it on wallpaper, cocktail napkins, fabric (leggings, duvet covers, curtains, bags), light switch plates, dinnerware, teapots -- anywhere you want to lighten the mood.
Pull up a chair and stay awhile.
Designs are available for licensing. Please contact me if interested.
And please get in touch if you would like to know more about my card and wrapping paper available for sale.  All cards can be customized, and a limited number of cards are in stock and available for curbside pick-up. Contact me fmi.
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